About us

The Waterbird Fund was established in 2016 responding to the invitation of the UNEP African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands to create a fund to support waterbird monitoring. The fund was established and is managed by Wetlands International.

The allocation of funds towards waterbird monitoring activities is governed by designated bodies. For the AEWA region this is the African Eurasian Waterbird Monitoring Partnership, through its Strategic Working Group. For the other flyways these bodies still need to be defined.

The fund aims to solicit contributions from a wide range of potential donors: companies as well as individuals and their associations, and also governments.

The allocation will be towards fundamental long-term monitoring activities across flyways. These activities do often not fit easily into short-term funding cycles. However they are essential to the conservation and sustainable management of migratory waterbirds.

 The key activities we fundraise for are:

  • Monitoring of waterbird populations
  • Monitoring of key sites
  • Making sure that waterbird harvest is sustainable
  • Building capacity for waterbird conservation and management
  • Support decision-making concerning waterbirds with data and advice